Clean and Fresh Clothes in an Instant: How to Choose a Garment Steamer

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When you have experienced using a clothes iron to remove the wrinkles and creases from your clothes, you know how tiring this can be especially on your arms and hands. Furthermore, if you have been ironing clothes for quite some time, the iron plate tend to get too hot without you noticing.

This often leads to accidentally leaving a brownish-black mark on your clothes, or even worse, burning a hole in it.

This is why more and more homeowners have been welcoming garment steamers into their homes as a great alternative to removing the wrinkles from their clothes. Compared with traditional irons, garment steamers can get the job done fast and easy.

​How to Choose a Garment Steamer

If you are a first-time garment steamer buyer and would like to replace your clothes iron, it is important that you carefully choose the right model. With the wide range of sizes and features that garment steamers have to offer, you should know your priorities to identify the best garment steamer for you and your home.

​Factors to Consider when Choosing a Garment Steamer

What is your purpose in buying a garment steamer?

This is perhaps the most important question that you should ask yourself when choosing a steamer. What are you going to use ​the garment steamer for? If you are purchasing a garment steamer to wholly replace your old iron, a full sized steamer that can produce continuous steam for more than an hour is what you should be looking for.

Full-sized steamer models just like upright steamers are made to steam a larger number of garments, clothing, and fabrics, unlike their smaller versions which can only produce steam for up to 15 minutes. If you are going to buy a garment steamer to bring around with you to your office or during your travels, then a portable steamer can work great for you.

A number of garments and fabric that you will steam and how often you will use your garment steamer are very important factors that you should consider when buying your garment steamer.

Do you plan on carrying your garment steamer with you?

Following the question above, you should also consider if you plan to bring your garment steamer with you at the office or during your travels and vacations. Garment steamers in the market today come in a wide array of shape and sizes.

Portable garment steamers are made to be lightweight and compact. It also comes with a carry-around bag where you can easily store your garment steamer before placing it inside your traveling bag.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a portable garment steamer is the voltage that it uses. Most garment steamers can’t be plugged without a transformer on foreign countries. If you often travel abroad, try looking for a dual-voltage steamer that can work with either 110 or 220-volt electric outlet.

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​​​​What are other accessories and options included with the garment steamer?

If you are leaning towards purchasing a full-size garment steamer, then a minor factor that you should consider are the accessories that come with the different garment steamer models. Most full-size garment steamers come with a telescopic or extendable pole where you can extend it when steaming clothes and retract it for storage.

In addition to the extendable pole, most upright garment steamers have a built-in hanger where you can hang your garments while steaming. This saves you space whenever you have to use your garment steamer since you no longer have to find a separate rack where you can hang your clothes while steaming them.

There are garment steamers that have different steam settings that let you choose the amount of steam and its heat settings. This is especially helpful when you want to steam different types of fabrics.

A steamer that lets you choose between high or low steam is great when you need to remove wrinkles from thick fabrics that need stronger heat. On the other hand, delicate fabrics like lace, satin, and silk will only need a low steam setting.

Another thing that you should look for in a full-sized garment steamer is its transportability. Since they weigh more than their smaller counterparts, finding one with wheels that you can easily move around the house is a great advantage. This means that you can steam your clothes in your room and remove the wrinkles from all your curtains without difficulty.


In identifying these factors you can choose the garment steamer that can work for you effectively and efficiently.