Hang it Up: The Best Upright Steam Iron

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Upright steamers or steam irons are now getting more recognition, especially for homeowners because of the quality and efficiency that these appliances can do in removing wrinkles from clothes.

Unlike the conventional models of clothes irons, steam irons or garment steamers do not require heavy pressing to remove the wrinkles from clothes and other types of fabrics. The reason behind this is through the use of water that is then heated up to create steam.

The steam that is placed on the clothes or fabric relaxes the fibers and removes the wrinkles even without putting the steamer on the fabric.

Having an upright steam iron or garment steamer in the house is a great advantage for people who are always on the go and often need to freshen up their clothes but do not have much time in their hands. With a garment steamer, you will only need to hang your clothes and run the steamer head all over the fabric to remove the wrinkles.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best upright steam irons that are sold in the market and are receiving rave reviews from their buyers.

The Best Upright Steam Irons Today

Steam Fast SF 434 2-in-1 Fabric Steamer and Iron

The Steam Fast SF 434 is one of the best-selling appliances that work as a fabric steamer and iron to easily remove all sorts of wrinkles and creases on your clothes.

The Steam Fast SF 434 works as an upright steamer to easily remove wrinkles even for your most delicate fabrics. It has a non-stick iron plate that lets out a continuous stem if you would like to have a neatly pressed look on your clothes.

You can have the option of using the Steam Fast SF 434 with or without steam by sampling pressing the steam option button. A great innovation in this upright steamer is the “one-touch self-cleaning switch” that cleans itself after every use.

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PureSteam Duo Iron & Pressurized Garment Steamer

Pure Enrichment PureSteam Duo Pressurized...

For those who are wishing for a clothes iron that can also work as a steamer, the PureSteam Duo Iron and Pressurized Garment Steamer is a dream come true. This device uses high-temperature steam to remove wrinkles and freshen up your clothes easily and efficiently.

The 2-in-1 setting of this model lets you choose between using it as an iron for pressing clothes or a garment steamer to simply remove wrinkles fast. A great advantage of this model is that it has a foldable ironing board that allows vertical and horizontal ironing.

Kazoo Commercial Garment Steamer

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The Kazoo commercial garment steamer is another garment steamer that can double as a steam iron with its triangle ironing brush. It produces 208.4 degrees Fahrenheit of hot steam that can easily soften the fabric and remove wrinkles. This steam can also sanitize fabric and remove odor-causing germs.

You can choose from four different steam levels depending on the amount and pressure or steam that you need.  This garment steamer heats up fast within 45 seconds while producing 70 minutes of steady steam.

Inlife Super Power Garment Steamer with two power setting

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This garment steamer is effective in removing wrinkles and creases from any type of fabric with the 208.4 degrees Fahrenheit steam that it produces. Its large water tank can contain 2.8 liters of water that will produce continuous steam for 70 minutes.

The Inlife Super Power Garment Steamer has a drainage hole located at the bottom to prevent water from spouting out the nozzles while in use. This garment steamer is ready to use within 45 seconds on delicate and thick fabrics alike.

These upright garment steamers are just a few of the best models that are sold in the market nowadays. Two-in-one models that can be used as a garment steamer and flat iron are now becoming more famous especially for individuals who are still looking for the ‘crisp’ and pressed look that a clothes iron can give your clothes.

Having an upright steam iron or garment steamer can save you space and time in removing the wrinkles out of your clothes. Furthermore, these appliances are great not just for clothing but also for upholsteries, curtains, and draperies as well.