How to Steam a Suit

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When we don’t have any extra time in our day, life seems to throw us a curveball. A wrinkled suit is not only a frustrating situation, but it can also take time out of your morning routine. This may be time you don’t always have to spare.

Don’t worry. You can quickly steam wrinkles out of your suit and get your morning back on track with these simple steps.

Can you Steam a Suit?

Yes, you can steam a suit. The only variation in the method depends on the type of fabric your suit is made out of.

If the fabric is more delicate and you are concerned about heat, then you will want to keep the steamer head pulled away from the suit. This would be for polyester or silk. Do not make direct contact with the material. Sweep the steamer back and forth over the suit, never lingering on an area.

For delicate fabrics or if there is a design on the suit, simply steam it from the inside out. Steaming both inside and outside of the suit jacket is recommended for an all over wrinkle fighting advantage. But, steaming the inside works well against wrinkles since the steam will penetrate through.

If the fabric can stand heat, then place the head of the steamer against the suit and gently move it up and down the suit. Don’t pull the suit while you are steaming. This will pull it out of its natural shape.

You should also steam the inside of the suit as well to continue working out tough wrinkles. For the sleeves, do a sweeping up and down motion. Don’t tug on the sleeves.

Now that you have the basic idea of what you need to do to steam a jacket, you can put it into action.

how to steam a suit

How to Steam a Suit

When you are ready to learn how to steam a suit, hang your suit jacket on a rack and follow these simple instructions.

  1. Turn the steamer on and allow it to warm up. The steamer may cough a little if there is leftover condensation.
  2. Once the steamer is emitting a steady flow and no longer coughing, you may begin.
  3. Depending on the type of fabric, hold the steamer at the appropriate distance away and begin running the hot steam over the jacket.
  4. Avoid pulling the jacket tight or trying to stretch out wrinkles. This will cause your jacket to lose its shape.
  5. After you steam one side of the jacket, then steam the inside area of the jacket.
  6. Turn the hanger over and continue steaming the rest of the suit, inside and out to best combat wrinkles.
  7. Steam the sleeves without pulling on them too much. Use one hand to hold a sleeve up so you can steam its length.
  8. You can use a Sunbeam Steamer Press Pad or place the collar on a hard surface if you need to press it to make it lay right.
  9. Press the top of the steamer head against the collar while lifting the bottom of the steamer head out at a 45-degree angle and run it over the length of the collar.
  10. Once you have run the steamer over your jacket, then let it hang to dry for fifteen to thirty minutes.
  11. If there are still wrinkles then run the steamer over it again.

When you are learning how to steam a suit, the best way to begin is with a gentle approach. A suit is already heavy and when dampened by the steam it will hang a little heavier. This will help to pull out any unsightly wrinkles.

​A clothes steamer is a good investment for ​removing wrinkles and lines in your garments and fabrics. Let us help you choose the best one for your needs.

Alternate Ways to Steam a Suit

If you are traveling or do not have a travel steamer on hand, then you can try a few different approaches to get the wrinkles out of your sui​t.

First you can steam your suit in the shower. This is the easiest and most time saving way. Turn the bathroom fan off and hang your suit on the door or a towel rack, and it will work just like an upright steam iron from home.

Turn your shower on as hot as it goes and let it run. The steam from the shower will steam up the room and penetrate your jacket. You can shower while it is going or run the shower by itself. The most important part is that the shower runs hot enough to emit steam.

Another way to get rid of wrinkles on your jacket is to use a de-wrinkling spray such as Downy Wrinkle Release Spray. This spray is gentle on all fabrics and removes wrinkles, lessens static, and eliminates odors.

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If you have the time, a good way is to​ iron your suit jacket​. However, if it still isn’t possible, your final way to remove the wrinkles is to simply hang your suit jacket. Fold and hang the matching pants as well. Gravity, over the course of a day or so, should pull out wrinkles.


When you are in a time crunch, knowing how to steam a suit is a must. With these step by step instructions and quick tips, you can erase wrinkles and take on you day without worry.