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Why You Need A Garment Steamer

You may want to try moving to a steamer if you’re tired of coping with wrinkly clothing because you either don’t have an iron or never use yours because doing so takes up too much room and time. Steaming is an easy way to eliminate wrinkles from almost any clothing, requires less space to use …

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Iron VS. Steamers

The clothes steamer and iron are practically doing the same thing: removing wrinkles from garments and fabric. While all can produce steam, there are significant variations in how the machines operate. The steamer emits a jet of moisture on the clothes without touching the fabric, while the iron presses the material flat under its hot …

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How to Fold a Short Sleeve Shirt

How to Fold a Short Sleeve Shirt

Short-sleeve shirts are a staple of any wardrobe. Whether you have nice dress shirts or simple lightweight t-shirts, you should know how to fold a short-sleeve shirt. This ensures you are keeping your shirts maintained in the drawer and wrinkle free. ​How to Fold a Short Sleeve Shirt ​Learning the right way to fold a …

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