How to Fold Towels, Hand Towels, and Washcloths

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You don’t need to buy expensive towels to have the luxurious look of hotels and department stores. Learning how to fold towels can give your bathroom an upgraded look without spending any extra money.

​How to Fold Towels

There are a few different ways you can fold your towels to fit the shelf. Learning how to fold towels like a hotel will instantly upgrade your bathroom environment, no matter how deep or narrow your shelves are.

​Deep Shelf Towel Fold

For deep shelves, you can fold your towels so they go back further in the cabinet. This shows a narrower folded front.

  1. ​Start by laying the towel out flat and horizontal.
  2. ​Fold in the corners on the short side first, bringing in the first side half of the way in and then bring in the other side to meet it but not cover.
  3. ​Now fold the two folded halves to meet each other. This is how wide the towel will be when finished.
  4. ​Bring the two folded long ends in, leaving about one inch in between where they meet.
  5. Finally bring the two folded ends together.

​The deep-shelf fold is also a great way to maximize space in a small closet or display shelf since the finished fold much like a ​dress shirt​ will not be very wide in the front. You can now use the extra space to store more towels or add in cute decorations to bring more life to your bathroom shelves.

folded towels stacked on top of each other

​Narrow Shelf Towel Fold

If you have a shelf that is only 12 inches or so wide, then this fold will fit perfectly without hanging over the side. Aside from ironing your garments to make it look presentable to guests, ​folding your towels like so ​is also popular with hotels.

  1. ​​Lay your bath towel on a table horizontally with the hemmed side down.
  2. ​​Fold the towel in half by bringing in the corners that are closest together. This will make your towel long and skinny.
  3. ​​Now bring in the far side and fold your towel in half.
  4. ​Find the hemmed or designed edge and fold it in towards the center, not all the way in, stop when the towel is folded in 1/3 of the way.
  5. ​Fold in the other side and bring it all the way over and on top of the hemmed edge.
  6. Rotate the towel so that the fold faces forward.

You can fold your towels by color. Or, if you have two different colors of towels, alternate them to give off a striped display. Just because they are only towels does not mean that they must be boring.

If you are looking for a great gift for a girlfriend or family member, you can make a ​towel origami basket​. This great gift idea is easy to fold and has a cave area that allows you to add in bubble bath, shampoo, or other spa treating gifts.

You can also create this towel gift basket for a baby shower. Add cute rubber duckies and baby safe bubble bath products.

​Towels, wash cloths can ​be pretty tricky to ​straighten because ​of its delicate fabric. If you want to de-wrinkle these fabrics then a ​clothes​steamer ​can do the trick. Find the best one in the market here.​​​​​​​​​​

​How to F​old Hand Towels

Hand towels are easy to fold. Just think of them as smaller sized bath towels. You can get fancy and opt to do fun hanging designs or use a simple, yet attractive, fold like this one.

  1. ​​Begin by laying out the hand towel horizontal with the design or decorated side facing down.
  2. ​​Fold the two bottom corners up about 1/3rd of the way.
  3. ​​Bring the top two corners down to the folded edge of the first corner’s fold.
  4. ​Finally fold the towel over to the left side and line up the edges.

You can easily hang the fresh and clean hand towel in this fold. Or you can set it on the shelf with the skinny fold side facing out.

For more​ creative folds​​ you can add in small washcloths to add to the design or to make the hand towel display two toned.

​How to Fold Washcloths

Folding bath towels and hand towels can be simple and uniform. When you want a fun lesson on how to fold decoratively, you can start simple by folding your washcloths into fun and attractive features in your bathroom.

​Simple Fold

​Folding a washcloth is as simple as making it into a smaller square by folding it in half and then bringing the top down to the bottom. If you have small kids, teaching them how to fold a washcloth​ is a great way for them to help out Mom and Dad with folding and putting away laundry


Rolling your washcloths is a way to elevate the look of your bathroom. To roll your washcloth, fold it in half and then begin to roll it tightly up the side. It is important to keep the roll tight, so the washcloth looks nice. You can also opt to steam it so that it is clean and ready for use immediately.

Just like some folded shirts, rolled washcloths look good stacked on a shelf or cabinet. You can also display them in a basket by the sink or behind the toilet. You can opt for simply all white washcloths or add pops of color to your bathroom by displaying washcloths that match the hues of your decor.

​Advanced Folding

If you want to get creative or impress your guests, you can try out folding small animals or flowers. It’s best to start simple, with something like a baby hippo​ or a ​simple rose fold​ before you branch out into more complex designs.

You don’t just have to use these fun folds as displays in your bathroom. Use them as cute small gifts or party favors. Add in a small gift like a personalized hand painted inspirational quote​ to make your gift a hit.

stacked and rolled towels how to fold


When laundry becomes a chore, find fun ways to learn how to fold towels, hand towels, and washcloths to keep yourself motivated. After taking the time to fold and put away your towels, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere the folded order gives your bathroom.