How to Fold Long Sleeved Shirts

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Folding your long sleeve shirts can be a chore. But, it is an important one if you do not want to pull your shirt out in the morning and have to deal with wrinkled sleeves. Learning how to fold long sleeve shirts the right way can help you combat wrinkles and cut down on the stress of getting ready.

​How to Fold a Long Sleeved Shirt

​For everyday long sleeve shirts, the fold is super simple. Since this is a casual cotton-like shirt or blouse, you don’t have to worry about folding along or down a certain crease.

Using this fold will also make it easy for you to lay your shirts vertically and side by side. When you open the drawer, you can see all of your shirts from the top without having to reach in and move already folded shirts to see underneath them.

Here is the best way for how to fold long sleeved shirts:

  1. Begin by laying your shirt right side up on a flat surface. Smooth out any wrinkles by hand before beginning to fold.
  2. Fold your shirt in half vertically by bringing one shoulder over to meet the other. Make sure you are aligning the shirt and bringing both of the long sleeves together.
  3. Take a second to smooth down any wrinkles with your hand before moving onto the next step.
  4. Fold the long sleeves into the body of the shirt by folding them back into the body area. Then make a diagonal fold down at the elbow to keep the shirt inside of the body area.
  5. Finally, fold the body of the shirt in half or into thirds, whichever you prefer or best fits on your shelf or in the drawer.

​If you can iron your shirts or steam ​them before you fold, you can better combat wrinkles. Make sure you take the time to read the clothing label to see if ironing or steaming is safe for your fabrics.

folded long sleeve shirts how to fold long sleeves

​How to Fold a Long Sleeved Dress Shirt

​Some people believe that ​hanging up your dress shirt​ is the best way to prevent wrinkles. Sometimes, due to space or personal preference, dress shirts need to be folded.

You also will need to know how to fold a dress shirt when you are traveling. Just remember to hang up your dress shirts when you get to the hotel to allow gravity to help reduce wrinkles.

For a quick yet effective fold, follow these instructions to learn how to fold long sleeve dress shirts.

  1. Lay your dress shirt face down on a flat surface. Make sure the shirt is buttoned up.
  2. Fold one sleeve straight horizontally across the shoulder of the shirt. Bring in the side seam of the dress shirt in about an inch.
  3. Next, fold the sleeve down the body of the shirt, making the sleeve perpendicular to the side seam.
  4. Repeat the previous two steps with the other sleeve.
  5. Finally bring the bottom of the shirt up to the collar to make a halfway fold.

​Make sure you are taking the time to smooth down your shirts as you are folding to reduce wrinkles. Do not press down hard on the folded seams, since this can give you unwanted creases from the fold. You can also cut down on potential wrinkles by knowing how to iron a dress shirt.

If you do find wrinkles in your dress shirts after they have been folded, you can skip ironing and ​opt to steam​ them to save time. Steaming your clothes is quicker and just as effective as ironing.

Also, hanging your dress shirts up in the bathroom while ​taking a shower can steam them​. Just makes sure you turn off your bathroom fan so the steam fills the room.

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​How to Fold a Long Sleeve Sweater

​Folding bulky sweaters can be frustrating due to how thick they already are before folding. Follow these steps to fold your long sleeve sweaters.

  1. Lay the sweater face down on a flat surface.
  2. Bring one sleeve horizontally across the back, then fold the sleeve down the side of the sweater.
  3. Repeat this step with the other sleeve, creating two side by side sleeve lines that run down the shirt’s body.
  4. You will now fold the sweater into thirds by folding the top backwards into the body and stopping two-thirds of the way down.
  5. Fold the sweater down one more time to create a smaller rectangle.

The best way to fold and organize your sweaters is to stand the sweaters up like files and place them side by side across the drawer. This way when you open your sweater drawer, you can easily see all your sweaters without having to lift and shuffle them.


Knowing how to fold long sleeves will help you cut down on wrinkles and allow you to better pack, store, or put away your winter clothes.