Tips for Cleaning a Garment Steamer

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A great alternative to removing wrinkles and creases from clothing other than a clothes iron is through the use of a garment steamer. Ironing clothes can become quite a hassle since they can be too heavy and can cause arm strain.

This is the reason why more and more households have opted to use garment steamers instead of irons because of their efficient and effective qualities. However, after some months or years of use, you may notice that your garment steamer may not be as effective in removing wrinkles as compared to the first time you purchased it.

​Tips for Cleaning a Garment Steamer

Garment steamers, like all your household appliances, need proper handling and cleaning to ensure that they will last long. Whenever you are using your garment steamer, mineral deposits from the water tank can cause clogging.

Proper and regular cleaning of your garment steamers can guarantee that they will be working properly and effectively for years. It is advisable that you should regularly clean your garment steamer after three months of use.

In this article, we will go through tried and tested tips that garment steamer owners do to clean their steamers and make them last longer.

How to Remove Dirt and Mineral Deposits in your Garment Steamer with Water and Vinegar

Calcium and mineral deposits from the water that you are using to steam your clothes can build up on the steaming head, steamer, hose, and water tank after using it over a period of time. If left as is, this can cause the nozzle to clog and prevent steam from coming out like it used to.

If your garment steamer has mineral buildup, you can try cleaning it with a vinegar and water mixture. Follow these simple steps to clean your garment steamer:

  • Mix 1 part white vinegar to three parts water.
  • Pour the mixture into the water tank or reservoir while making sure that you do not exceed its maximum capacity
  • Plugin your steamer and turn on the switch to let your device start heating up the liquid mixture
  • Let your garment steamer release as much steam at least until the liquid mixture reaches the middle of the water tank
  • Unplug your garment steamer and leave it for an hour until it cools off
  • Remove the water tank and discard the mixture
  • If calcium and mineral deposits are still present in your steamer, repeat the procedure with a new batch of vinegar and water mixture for two to three times
  • After this, you can use your garment steamer normally with regular water

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Tips to Do Before and After Using your Garment Steamer

After using your garment steamer, remove the water tank and discard any leftover water. Also, check the water hose and hang it to dry. Leaving water in your garment steamer increases the chances of dirt and water minerals to build up.

Metal parts of your steamer can also rust and become damaged if water is left in it for a long period of time. A lot of people have been choosing the steamer over the iron because it is so much easier to use, and requires less effort.

Make sure that you turn off your device whenever you are refilling your water tank. Removing the water tank while the device is still on will force your device to let out steam even when there is no longer water available. Also, make sure that there is sufficient water in the tank whenever you are steaming your clothes.

Follow the storage instructions stated in the manual that came with your garment steamer.  Proper storage of your garment steamer and all the accessories that came with it ensures that they will last long and function better. Always let your garment steamer cool down before storing it.

Use only clean water for steaming. While it may be tempting to mix fabric conditioner with the water in your water tank to achieve a great smelling steam that you can use on your clothes, this can damage your steamer.

Other chemicals like fabric conditioners have ingredients that can clog the nozzle and hose of your garment steamer and destroy it.


In following these simple tips to clean your garment steamer, you can be sure that it will last you for years without losing its quality in removing the creases and wrinkles in your clothes and garments.