Steaming Away: What Does a Garment Steamer Do?

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Wearing wrinkled clothes is fine if this is the design of the fabric. However, wearing clothes that look like you just took it out from the dryer with all its wrinkles and creases can make you look unkempt and dirty even with newly washed clothes.

But when you have a hectic schedule, sometimes ironing can be and additional task that you just want to avoid. Good thing there are garment steamers that can remove the wrinkles from your clothes with less hassle.

If you are wondering what a garment steamer can do, this article will give you the answers.

What Does a Garment Steamer Do?

Garment steamers can remove the wrinkles and creases from various types of fabrics. The most important job that a garment steamer can do is to remove wrinkles from your clothes faster and easier. With the use of heated water that converts into steam, garment steamers “relax” the wrinkles out of the clothes to make them look clean and presentable.

You can use your garment steamers on delicate fabrics. A common problem faced by people who own a clothes iron is that they can’t iron their clothes which are made of delicate fabrics like silk and lace since this can damage or destroy the fabric. Because garment steamers won’t require you to press the metal plating onto the clothes, any type of damage is prevented from happening.

You can steam your curtains and draperies. Using a conventional flat iron to remove the wrinkles and creases from your curtains can take a long period of navigating and turning around your curtain to neatly iron every side. With a garment steamer, you can simply hang your curtain on the curtain rod and steam the wrinkles away.

Garment steamers can sanitize your clothes and fabrics. Garment steamers use hot steam to remove the wrinkles from your clothes. This very same steam can sanitize and remove odor-causing bacteria that can stick on your clothes even after washing. Furthermore, small insects and bugs on your upholsteries can also be killed with the use of a very hot steam.

You can remove the wrinkles from your clothes at a shorter amount of time. Because garment steamers use heat and steam, they can remove wrinkles faster than a conventional iron which requires you to press on the clothes repeatedly.

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You simply need to wait for a few seconds or minutes (depending on the garment steamer model) for it to heat up the water then you’re ready to de-wrinkle your clothes.

You can save storage space with garment steamers. Unlike using traditional irons that require an ironing board before you can press and remove the wrinkles from your clothes, garment steamers don’t take up much space before you can use them.

When using garment steamers, you simply need to hang your clothes then steam then easily. Full-sized garment steamers have their own expandable rods and hangers where you can hang your clothes with ease.

There are garment steamer models that are made for portability. For people who travel a lot, bringing an iron can be a hassle because of its heavy weight and bulky shape.

Portable garment steamers are compact and lightweight so you can carry them in your bags easily to freshen up your clothes during travels. Having a portable steamer during travels and vacations means you can bring any type of clothing since you can easily remove the wrinkles from them without worries.

Garment Steamers are lightweight and easy to use. Ironing is a chore especially with its heavy body that is meant to press onto clothing to create a pressed and ‘crisp’ look.

However, ironing clothes can become tedious after a few minutes because it can become quite heavy and can strain your arms and hands. Garment steamers are lightweight and do not require you to press it onto your clothes to remove wrinkles effectively.


With the different advantages that a garment steamer can do, individuals have been opting to replace their clothes iron with it. It can do the job of removing the wrinkles and creases from various types of clothing and fabric without any hassle and worry of destroying your clothes.