Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer Review

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Are there other ways to get your fabrics wrinkle-free apart from using the traditional hot iron? The answer is an emphatic YES! With a fabric steamer, your garments are not going to be wrinkle-free alone, they will smell nice and look crispy.

Modern change taking place in the world today has made things so easy and exciting for us, and one of these changes is getting your clothes straightened with less effort.

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The era when we used our effort to make our clothes look straightened is past. Now, we can achieve this faster, easier, and better. The introduction of steamers into the market has made this possible for us.

Using a fabric steamer comes with so many benefits. It is suitable with any type of material, and you can be guaranteed of not getting your fabrics burned when you use it.

When dealing with piles of clothes, using a hot iron could be tiring and stressful, but with a steamer, you will finish up your job faster and easier. Also, garment steamer is lightweight and portable, thus making it convenient both for home use and for business trips.

There are different types of garment steamers in the market, and our focus is to give you review on one of the best. It is known as the No products found..

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The product has one of the best features when it comes to taking care of fabrics. Aside making your garments wrinkle-free, it kills germs and bacteria which makes it very reliable to use. Powered by 1550 watts steamer, it takes less time to form steam which makes your job faster and quicker.

The water tank is transparent, making it possible for you to see the water level when using it. The features of this device are listed below:

  • Weight: 16.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.5’ x 12’ x 16.9’
  • The heating element is powered by 1550 watts
  • Has roll & press support to hold fabrics firm
  • When the tank is filled up, it can last for one hour before refill
  • Other components: fabric brush, steam bonnet, adjustable telescopic pole, and lint pad
  • Capacity of the transparent water tank: 81 ounces
  • Comfortable handle for easy grip


  • Just one filling of water will get your job done
  • The steamer gets heated quickly
  • Can be used on all types of garments
  • Suitable for beddings, upholstery, cuttings, etc.
  • Easy to handle
  • Simple to use
  • Has an hanger to hang your garment while straightening it


  • Made of some plastic material
  • A bit heavy
Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer Review


With all that’s been said about No products found., it remains one of the best steamers you can get in the market. It features make it unique and preferable to other products.

It has a heating element that produces heat that is high enough to de-wrinkle thick fabrics. It also works fine on delicate materials, kills mites and bugs, and removes odor from fabrics. This garment steamer can be used in homes, as well as for travels. This is indeed the real deal when it comes to owning a garment steamer.

Comparison with other garment steamers

There are other good products in the market that also work fine just like the Rowenta steamer, but the special features of some products make them unique and preferable. For the sake of this review, we shall be considering two similar products that are comparable to the Rowenta steamer.

TaoTronics Fabric Steamer

This item is a well-built steamer that is light and portable to use. It can be used at home or when on the move. With a 120ml water tank, this device will serve for some time before the tank is refilled.

The powerful 800 watts heat elements makes it form steam on time, which makes work quicker. When compared to Rowenta, the TaoTronics steamer has smaller water tank and a lesser powered steamer which makes Rowenta unique.

Deneve Garment Steamer

This is another exciting steamer that has great qualities you could think of. It is durable and suitable for all fabrics. Its lightweight makes it okay for both home and travel use. With a high-performance heating element of 1000 watts, it takes less time to create steam.

Although this appliance work pretty well, it has a smaller-powered heating element compared to Rowenta. Also, this product has lighter weight which makes it more convenient to use.


From the comparison stated above, it can be seen that majority of fabric steamers offers excellent services when compared to the traditional iron, but some still stand out when it comes to making a choice. Owning a Rowenta IS6300 fabric steamer will be a nice buy because its features are almost incomparable to other products.

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