A Complete Guide To Taking Care of Your Polo

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All recognize that the time-testing polo shirt is one of the most durable and stylish clothing pieces that anyone can buy. They’re going for everything—jeans, trousers, Chinos—you name it; a polo shirt goes with everything. It makes your polo shirt an excellent pick for your casual wardrobe, but not if the polo becomes covered with wrinkles. 

Unfortunately, Polos are particularly vulnerable to wrinkles because of the fine cotton used in their production. How can you quickly fold your polo shirts to stop wrinkles without dreaded ironing? A tightly linked and wrinkled polo shirt starts with how you wash and dry it.

It all starts with the washer and dryer.

The most critical part of washing and drying your polo to prevent wrinkles is to obey the packet’s directions. It is a critical first step that most people can not remember when worrying about preventing wrinkles when folding. Don’t over-pack the washing machine or dryer, either. 

Giving your polo shirt space to pass in the wash is a little thinking but a vital measure to a wrinkle-free polo because if you cramp it in the wash, it’s going to be more vulnerable to wrinkles. You may want to forget about the dryer altogether and lie your polo flat to dry.

A Step-by-step Guide To Folding Your Polo

If your polo has been cleaned and dried correctly, it’s time to consider how to fold easily to prevent wrinkles. The keyword here is “quickly,” so the issue of ironing and starching-though very fast, they are not great time-savers. But first, some planning tips. 

Regular Polo Fold

  1. Button all the polo buttons to the top and place your polo face down on a flat, firm board.
  2. Find the core of your shirt. It doesn’t have to be accurate, but the basic sense of where the center is.
  3. Please take the right side of the polo and fold it to the imaginary central line. Make sure the cuff almost meets the seam of the left sleeve. Then double the sleeve back so that it touches the crease you’ve made.
  4. Now, take the left sleeve and fold it over the right sleeve to repeat what you did on the right. Remember to have the centerline in mind. And double the left sleeve back similar to the right sleeve.
  5. Take the polo’s bottom and fold to the top half. If you fold the Lacoste polo, this fold should be about half an inch below the crocodile emblem’s location.
  6. Fold to the collar one more time. Now the bottom of the polo should be hitting the shoulder area.
  7. Flip over to face you with the mark. Now you’ve got a smooth, neat rectangular fold that’s going to stave off wrinkling.

After you fold your polo shirt, do not stack it or cram it into a drawer to prevent wrinkles. You should also apply a sheet of tissue paper to the fold to minimize pressure and fewer wrinkles.

Sushi Roll Fold

Love sushi? And if you don’t, use the rolling method to turn the polos into a sushi shape. An even faster way to keep the wrinkles in the sea. ‘

  1. Fold the shirt in measures 1-4 above,
  2. Pop the collar so that it maintains its form, and instead of folding in a square.
  3. Take the bottom tightly and roll it up, smoothing as you go to prevent wrinkles.

This technique works particularly well for travel while packing your luggage. So roll up your polo and hit the lane! Then unroll and wear-free wrinkles.

Keep the collar in contact. Since the poles have necklaces much like your button-down tops, it’s important to remember how to keep your necklace in place. One of the common ways to keep the collars in place once you’ve folded them is to roll up the belt and tuck it tightly into the opening of the shirt. Imagine having two things packed away in a single move. It is quality!

If you see wrinkles in your polo, there are many life tricks to eliminate wrinkles without iron—for example, taking your polo to the bathroom with you. 

However, one of the finest inventions you can find in any grocery store or pharmacy is a wrinkle-releasing spray. They are handy, simple to use, and act as a fabric refresher. So take a bottle in a hurry and let the spray do the rest of it. You need a polo before you think about wrinkling and folding! Explore the birthplace of the first polo shirt—where life is a lovely sport.